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Re: all u multimedia lovers:asf/avi/mpeg

man ur mail really sounds great, 
enthusiasm bahut hai
but it makes me all the more inquisitive, 
cud u plz elaborate ???
i checked out the site, alright,
whatz so special about this software , 
have mercy and enlighten a poor soul

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000 01:44:54  
 Neil wrote:
>gone are the days when u had to moan over not having the license to
>Ktheater is here....
>it can play vcd's avi's,mpeg's and watchout for this.... asf's... yes...
>asf... M$'s proprietary calling algo.
>and all at 29fps.... fullscreen . fuck!!!!!(raju please xcuse this but i
>cudnt resist it)
>and whats more... it totally free... we thot that M$ wudnt give their
>port to us... so who cares... this chap used the win32 dlls itself. man
>jarrod johnson is king. it is a bit unstable tho... but what the hell!!
>get it at: sourceforge.net/projects/Xtheater
>and then thank me.
>An alpha version of a web based tool to manage
>your subscription with this mailing list is at

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