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Re: Re: A request....


Don't assume things. I'm not just going for Linux becoz of FREEBIE stuff.
I'm willing to pay, and that's what I'm doing now (after not receiving any
response or rather a rude response from a Delhi based Newsgroup). I'm paying
Rs.50/- to GTCDROM in Bangalore, US$40 to Mandrake guys in the US and if I'm
unable to get Slackware then I'll pay US$238 to Walnut Creek for Slackware
7.0. The only reason why I wanted help from Delhi guys was becoz of time
restriction that I've, and getting CDs from the US or Bangalore will take
atleast 2 weeks or even more.

I'm sorry if you felt embarrassed by the words MCSE, MCSD, SJCP, etc. but I
don't designate them as "shitt".

Also, someone from Bangalore is preparing a CD for me which he will send
either this week or later.

Anyway thanks for the help.

Wishing you a Very Happy Diwali.

Bhummanjot S.

Have a nice day :-)

Try helping ppl. instead of finding out why ??????

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Raju Mathur wrote:
> Hi BJ,
> I'm sorry that you feel that you didn't get any help on the list.
> There were a couple of messages, but I think you'd unsubscribed by
> then.  Too bad.
well i think hw was one of those "only for the free* linux
joy ride" kinda person thats why no one helped him.
tellin ppl that ur doin JDBC MCSW XFET and shit won't make you hit on
the list in one day.

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   After that, it's all learned.

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