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[ANNOUNCE] New look for Linux-Delhi.org website

Hi Folks,

Thanks to the unstinting efforts of Sundeep Holani, Leo Fernandez,
Pankaj Kaushal and Nishikant Kapoor we have a completely revamped
Linux-Delhi (ILUG-Delhi) web site.  Please hit:


and touch and feel it.  Feedback welcome.

The site has been completely developed using Cascading Style Sheets,
and now it's a matter of some 30 seconds to change the look and feel
completely.  Sundeep did the authoring, Leo all the PHP programming
and Pankaj and Nishi the fine-tuning.


Still need to add links to the Linux-India mailing lists, and move the
site over to ilug-delhi.org (peace, brothers and sisters :-)


-- Raju