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Lost Vipul's original mail, but anyway. Sounds peculiar to me that two
units concurrently take the same time as one unit does alone. Try this,
and see if it gives you some insight --

1) Run just one instance of SETI, and see how much processor utilisation
'top' shows.

2) Run two instances of SETI, and now see how much processor is used by
each process.

If something's fishy... try for three instances, and generalize.

3) Run SETI at nice = -19, see how much processor time is used, and see
how much time a workunit takes to be processed.

Maybe all this info will tell you something interesting. Also, do you have
the latest client? Static or dynamic? 

Apart from SETI, do you think the rest of the things work at satisfactory
speeds? Compiled any kernels lately? How long did that take?

-- Sundeep.