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August Linux-Delhi meeting, the minutes.

The August meeting for ILUG-Delhi got unduly delayed this time around,
and was finally 'gotten done with' in September :-). The last couple
of months have been some kind of a sleepy period in Linux-Delhi, which
looks to me like the proverbial 'lull before the storm'. 'The great
societification' of ILUG-Delhi is now around the corner, and all other
activities seem dormant in waiting for that big bang. The August
meeting, or the September meeting, whatever you choose to call it, was
a low key affair too, with less attendance, no agenda, but as usual --
lots of fun. Here's what happened.

The schedule for the meeting was changed a bit this time, to
accomodate Raju, who had a busy schedule for Sunday (which is the
usual day for the meetings), and whose presence was important by view
of the dopes he was to give on the ILUG-Delhi societification, and the
fishy^H^H^H^H^Hconfusing Linux-India societification process. That
happened, Raju talked about the Linux-Delhi societification, which is
now imminent, subject to a couple more signatures and
proof-of-residence documents being furnished. The names of the interim
designation holders were announced, which are valid till the first
General Body Meeting of ILUG-D. Here they are --

President - Raj Mathur.
Vice President - Leo Fernandez
Treasurer - Kishore Bhargava
General Secretary - Sundeep Holani
Secretary - Anand Babu.

The Linux-India societification however seems to have run into some
rough waters, and not much progress seems to have been made on the
closed list that was formed for the city LUG representatives, to
discuss the details. Apprehensions about the List being closed,
however, were removed by Raju who has been very forthcoming and
democratic in discussing the matters in the local forum. Kudos!

However, the matter of immediate concern was the upcoming IT.COM in
Bangalore, in which Linux-India wished to participate, but had run
into some sponsorship issues due to the unofficial status of
Linux-India currently. ILUG-Bangalore - pertaining to its being
physically closest to the venue of IT.COM, its status as a registered
society, and its experience in organising similar activities - has
been nominated as Linux-India's representative for the event, this
proposal was unanimously approved by Linux-Delhi.

Next came the techie section. Supreet Sethi proceeded for a talk on
TeX/LaTeX, and aided by inputs from Raju, made one heck of a
presentation -- considering that he himself had been introduced to TeX
just the day before.

Next was Raju's impromptu talk about SANs or Storage Area Networks,
for the uninitiated. Turned out to be really informative, but I'd
rather skip the details. This was supplemented by a brief talk Anand
Babu gave on some related topic, most of which went too technical for
comfort. Details omitted ;-).

Enough for talking, time for eats. Supreet and Pankaj, the two stars
of Linux-Delhi had just got a job at SARAI, and they threw a bash at
Nirulas. Turned out to be one of the greatest parties we at
Linux-Delhi have had. Cheers for our young lads. Thereafter, the crowd
dissipated, and went whereever they wanted to go :-). The end of
another of the great Linux-Delhi meetings.

Special thanks to the SARAI people, and Supreet and Pankaj for
providing the venue and infrastructure, and for helping organise the

On an interesting sidenote, there seemed to be some confusion about
the changed schedule of the meeting, and a few people turned up the
next day at the venue, too. So that was apparently the September
meeting ;-). However, this was a result of some miscommunication
between people in charge of organising the meeting, and should be
avoided in the future.

-- Sundeep.