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Re: SETI@home

My PIII/550, 512KB cache, 128MB RAM does a work unit in approx. 8
hours if left undisturbed.  Look at secondary cache -- that makes a
big difference in the processing speed.  cat /proc/cpuinfo

Client is: setiathome-2.4.i386-pc-linux-gnu-gnulibc2.1

-- Raju

>>>>> "Vipul" == Vipul Mathur <vipul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Vipul> Mrinal Kalakrishnan <mrinal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> Vipul Mathur typed: > I just happend to note that you are
    >> averaging about 12hrs per work unit.  > I'm curious, can you
    >> tell me what hardware config you are using? I use a > PIII
    >> 700MHz system with 64MB ram and average 16 hrs per unit!!
    >> This is an absolute shock to me, and will be to you as
    >> well. This is the configuration of my system: Celeron 300A (no
    >> overclocking), 64Mb of RAM. :-)
    >> I don't understand how your performance could be so low!!
    >> You *are* using the linux client right?  Cheers..
    >> Mrinal Kalakrishnan <mrinal@xxxxxxxxx> http://mrinal.dhs.org/

    Vipul> Yes I'm shocked, and yes I am using the
    Vipul> i686-pc-linux-gnulibc1-static client.

    Vipul> I'm cc'ing to list so that someone can hopefully shed some
    Vipul> light on this.  Raju, Neil what do you ppl have to say
    Vipul> about this??

    Vipul> Could the members pf Linux-India (SETI@home group) please
    Vipul> post their system config, client version and average hours
    Vipul> per work unit (on the mentioned hardware) to this list?

    Vipul> Cheerio!