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Re: SETI@home

Mrinal Kalakrishnan <mrinal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Vipul Mathur typed:
> > I just happend to note that you are averaging about 12hrs per work unit.
> > I'm curious, can you tell me what hardware config you are using? I use a
> > PIII 700MHz system with 64MB ram and average 16 hrs per unit!!
> This is an absolute shock to me, and will be to you as well. This is
> the configuration of my system: Celeron 300A (no overclocking), 64Mb
> of RAM. :-)
> I don't understand how your performance could be so low!!
> You *are* using the linux client right?
> Cheers..
> Mrinal Kalakrishnan <mrinal@xxxxxxxxx> http://mrinal.dhs.org/

Yes I'm shocked, and yes I am using the i686-pc-linux-gnulibc1-static

I'm cc'ing to list so that someone can hopefully shed some light on this.
Raju, Neil what do you ppl have to say about this??

Could the members pf Linux-India (SETI@home group) please post their system
config, client version and average hours per work unit (on the mentioned
hardware) to this list?


-- Vipul Mathur
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