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Re: Re: meeting change of plan


Pleeease DONT keep any meetings on Saturday since many like me who are not
free on Saturdays won't be able to attend.

I, for one, think Sunday 2pm is still the best bet.

Raju, Pankaj, Sundeep: Please avoid keeping the meeting on Saturday if

Pankaj Kaushal <apenguinhead@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Raju Mathur wrote:
> >     Pankaj> and may the time to start be 11 - 11:30 insted of 2 for
> >     Pankaj> some reasons other people can explain The rest stands as
> >     Pankaj> holani told
> > I'm cool with the timing otherwise.
> so 11 it is
> Pankaj Kaushal <pankaj@xxxxxxx>


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