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meeting change of plan

hii cuz raj wanted to discuss very little bit about socitification 
and also a tex hacker might come on sat
i take the liberty to prepond the meet to sat if
no problems with majority

and may the time to start be 11 - 11:30  insted of 2
for some reasons other people can explain
The rest stands as holani told

Sundeep Holani wrote:
> The Linux-Delhi monthly meeting for august has been scheduled to be held
> on Sunday, the 10th of September :-). Here are the details --

> Venue -- The SARAI project,
>          29, Rajpura Road,
>          Near Univ. of Delhi, North Campus.
>          Delhi.
> Time -- 2 P.M. Sunday, 10 september.
> Agenda -- Linux Delhi Societification update,
>           Tex Presentation

> Attendance -- All are invited :-)
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