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Can your Linux Users Group help?

[Bouncing without prejudice -- Raju]

Proven Software has a problem! We write accounting programs for Linux and only for Linux.  

Why is that a problem? Traditional VARS view Linux as a threat to their current business. They want to combat the success of Linux rather than install our excellent accounting products for businesses and other organizations.

That's why we are asking your help. We suspect that members of your LUG have capability and interest in installing Linux applications. 

In your local market place,  we have end users that would like to know more about Linux and our applications running under Linux. We would be grateful if you would inform your members of our need for VARS and qualified installers for acccounting software under Linux. We believe that some of your members will be grateful,also.

Please have them view our website http://provenacct.com
email or call me.

Thank you,
Mark Matt
Proven Software, Inc.
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