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Re: Java and Opensource

No no Raj, you got me wrong. there are already plenty of java-delhi
lists around.Some of them are as good as dead, like mine
(jug-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxx) ;-)

The problem in all these lists is that they are full of people who are
working on windoze and windoze based tools. Makes me sick actually
because it is very difficult for people from a Linux background to
communicate with them. What I wanted was a list of people who work on
java in linux or bsd or whatever using all opensource tools. This is
something which would encourage more programmers to turn towards Linux
as the development platform of their choice. Such a list would
invariably need a lot of linux help. 

Also, I think it would be incorrect to start a regional list before a
national list of the same nature gets enough momentum.


Raju Mathur wrote:
> Why don't we keep the Java stuff here itself?  I don't see enough
> messages to justify starting a seperate mailing list.
> Of course, if you're determined, I'll definitely ask Thaths to start
> Java-Delhi.