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Re: pcmcia problems

> well...
> finally, meri aukad badh gaye!!!
> and i have got a  new compaq laptop.
> new territory for me!!! cos my dads old one didnot hav anything xcept a
> xircom pcmcia eth card...
> well.. the problem is that i finally convinced my dad to let me install
> linux on it...

Which distribution and what version?

I downloaded (1GB) and installed Mandrake 7.1. It seems to have better
PCMCIA support than Red Hat. Red Hat just would recognize my PCMCIA DVD
drive, Mandrake recognized it immediately and allowed me to continue
installation from CD. So you can try Mandrake if you already haven't
installed it.
My problem now is that X windows are not configured properly after
installation. I have problem with XF86Config file because default X
resolution that Mandrake used during installation is just horrible. I don't
know if it is even 640x480, icons and letters are so big with very few
I've tried using other XF86Config for TP240 recommended on Linux on laptops
web site, but then I would not be able to even start the X. Any suggestions

Neil, you can visit http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/kharker/linux-laptop/
This is website for laptop owners who want run Linux on their computers.
There you may be able to find solution for your particular problem.