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Re: Video Card not configured

Dear Goldwyn,
If if appears that you have got connected to the net and still are not able to access any site check whether you have made nameserver entries for ur ISP.
If not make the respective entries in the /etc/resolv.conf.
Assuming the ISP is VSNL
is should show


You can enter more nameserver entries in the resolv.conf file for the other ISP's in the abovesaid format.

Hope this should solve your problem.


From: "Goldwyn Rodrigues" <goldwyn_r@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: "Linux" <linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [linux-delhi] Video Card not configured
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 23:47:07 +0530

Hi All,
I have a Sis 6326 AGP card with 8MB. Though Xconfigurator successfully detects it, it shows only 4 MB as video RAM. Moreover I cannot use the Terminal window of X-Windows of all that I'v tried, XTerm, Terminal Emulator etc etc. (I tried at 4 types). However the rest works perfectly fine.

Sorry Ambar I tried finding kppp but could'nt find. So I need an alternative for the existing setup of my Linux. The problem once again for the net is as follows - I have configured my net configurations exactly how PC Quest has said in its reviews about Net Configuration. I am successfully able to dial and connect (looks like). The on writing a URL address on the address bar of netscape,The modems RD and SD lights blink for a while and the Network status shows that some bytes have been sent and recvd But finally, it says unable to open site www.vsnl.com or for that matter any other site. I also configured Messenger foir the purpose and that also says the same cannot find pop.softhom.net. Moreover is ti possible to edit the dial-up script of wvdial as w have in widows..... thats for the Mantra Account where you need to send an <Enter> before all the authentication starts.
Please Help
Thanx a lot.
Goldwyn :o)

Goldwyn :o)

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