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Re: Linux Mandrake

> What i said was If you are using Mandrake why are you
> worried about it being rh compatible
cauz this is what mandrake claims ('Mandrake Linux is 99% Red Hat
compatible') meaning that 99% of the things (e.g rpm files) wud work with
mandrake. and this is where the problem starts.. my experience with drake
has been that it is 99% compatible with rh, but it is the 1% which can be
really frustrating, when u try to do something on mandrake!!

> > that mandrake is a lot easier to learn.. i agree that it is a lot easier
> > install, but i find mandrake as easy or difficult as rh.. and also not
> i find debian much easier
> but we are not talking about me or you its about another
> guy who asked
> and i say use mandrake cuz i have seen novices use it
> and its easy to get use to.
same with rh.. i have seen more novices get used to rh than any other
distro.. though mandrake is a easier to get used to...

> > rpms are available for mandrake.. in fact if some1 is starting with
> > debian can be a better choice than mandrake..
> hehe some of them are'nt avaliable as rpms either
> so you can't compile a tar don't tell me.
of course if an rpm is not available then there is no choice but to use tgz

> 4 that I'm using gnu/linux sincemore then  a year
i hav used rh for abt 2 years now and b4 that i used to use slackware!! and
i still find slackware quite good, only that it takes a lot of time to set
up slackware!!

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