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Re: Linux Mandrake

> why the f*** would you want to be rh compltible
> if you are using mandrake you r using mandrake
> so you can get stuff for mandrake
> and mandrake is a lot easy to install learn
> and configure 4 a novice
> so my advice* is get mandrake use it 4 a while
> throw it get something else.
becauz ppl get taken by the rh compatible thing with mandrake. everyone
thinks that since mandrake is rh compatibe it shud work like rh, which it
does not.. and for a newbie this can be quite frustrating.. and who said
that mandrake is a lot easier to learn.. i agree that it is a lot easier to
install, but i find mandrake as easy or difficult as rh.. and also not many
rpms are available for mandrake.. in fact if some1 is starting with linux
debian can be a better choice than mandrake..

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r