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Re: Linux Mandrake

Ambar Roy wrote:
> > why the f*** would you want to be rh compltible
> > if you are using mandrake you r using mandrake
> > so you can get stuff for mandrake
> > and mandrake is a lot easy to install learn
> > and configure 4 a novice
> > so my advice* is get mandrake use it 4 a while
> > throw it get something else.
> becauz ppl get taken by the rh compatible thing with mandrake. everyone
> thinks that since mandrake is rh compatibe it shud work like rh, which it
> does not.. and for a newbie this can be quite frustrating.. and who said
What i said was If you are using Mandrake why are you
worried about it being rh compatible

> that mandrake is a lot easier to learn.. i agree that it is a lot easier to
> install, but i find mandrake as easy or difficult as rh.. and also not many

i find debian much easier 
but we are not talking about me or you its about another
guy who asked 
and i say use mandrake cuz i have seen novices use it
and its easy to get use to.

> rpms are available for mandrake.. in fact if some1 is starting with linux
> debian can be a better choice than mandrake..

hehe some of them are'nt avaliable as rpms either
so you can't compile a tar don't tell me.

4 that I'm using gnu/linux sincemore then  a year

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