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flame me my friend flame me again

This is for all who flamed me:

Everyone uses the 4 letter word 
once in a while but when i do it
i get flamed
but thats no excuse to use it i know it
and i'm sorry for using it without no reason at
all but i belive i have the liberty of using it 
giving direct answers
for example

Q: what kinda guy is K*******?
A: He is a F****n B***** A******* etc.

I'm not astonished that you guy's cracked my code
// hint (f***) 

but that the only thing you saw in the mail was 
the hidden keyword

its not about compatibility between rh 
and mandrake and debian neither is it about
how easy mandrake debian or rh or stamped 
is cuz The only "intuitive" Interface is a nipple.
The rest is self learned.

I believe many people in this list are biased 
towards red hat others (including me) towards
debian. so why kill that new bee in the fight

i can give support to that guy and make his 
journey with debian more easier the rh+mandrake+their
support can ever dream of.

but frm my experience i've seen the
hypocrisy in people specially in this list
people "who don't know why they need free(dom)
S/W "  if they are going to be bias towards 
red hat there is no need for GNU to exist at all.

I'll repeat what i said earlier
"Why the F*** you need compatibility with rh
if you are going to use mandrake.
You can get stuff for mandrake and madrak is
easier to install and configure"

Kick me out of the list. 
I'll rather be in a "oral sex" list
and speak "what is true" then confine to
"red hat Linux" or GNU/Linux or *BSD

Pankaj Kaushal
                       (@ @)   
     All that you touch, create, see, destroy,
     taste, do, feel, say, love, eat, hate,
     distrust, slight, save
     And everything under the sun is in tune,
     But the sun is eclipsed By the moon.
     There is no dark side of the moon
     ... really... matter of fact it's all dark.

                    |__|  |__|
                     ||    ||
                    ooO    Ooo

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