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Re: On LI Fund management


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Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2000 2:44 PM
Subject: Re: [LI-Reg] On LI Fund management

> >BTW, I am all for us practising complete caution, but against becoming a
> >bunch of  "Doubting Thomas"es. We seem to be drifting on occassions to
> >doubt everyone's motives/intent.... The majority of us are here with
> >honest motives. And since we are sticking to the democratic principles I
> >am sure we can overcome/overrule representative with any other "interests".

> annual external audit would keep things open and above-board. As I see it,
> the only way of avoiding the 'doubts' caused by money is by not allowing
> them to breed.

Right! A external audit would be essential, however, despite my lack of knowledge abt auditors, I believe they charge a
certain amount for their professional fees. I don't think we can find any sponsor to foot *that* bill ;-) So if we are
broke between events that LI participates (as suggested by Guru and others) how as do we pay the auditors?

Your thoughts on this?

> Either eliminate the money all together or make sure it's
> handling is fully transparent.