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Re: Thoughts about constitution


>>>>> "Sudhakar" == Sudhakar Chandra <thaths@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sudhakar> Prabhu Ramachandran proclaimed:
    >> (1) Why do we need a national level body?
    >> If it is to just keep in touch, no formality is required.  We
    >> can just have a dedicated mailing list.  If the need arises
    >> issues can be settled there.

    Sudhakar> One overwhelming sentiment that I heard when I visited
    Sudhakar> some ILUGs in India almost a year ago was that thew LI
    Sudhakar> mailing lists have too much traffic and that many people
    Sudhakar> were subscribed to the ILUG m.l. and not LI.

	I know that and am one of the people who has done just that.
What I mean is not have every one in linux subsribed to this contact
list.  Just a core group who communicates with his/her LUG and keeps
in touch.  Low volume, specialised list like this one.

    >> As one member at ILUGC put it, some of us would like to think
    >> of LI/Local LUG's as clubs of people who share a common passion
    >> for an open source (put your favourite choice of words here)
    >> OS.  Putting a formal body seems to destroy that spirit.

    Sudhakar> If a local ILUG thinks that formalizing itself is not
    Sudhakar> needed, then it should have the freedom to be remain
    Sudhakar> informal.  But, as I have indicated, problems might
    Sudhakar> arise if / when things have to be coordinated with the
    Sudhakar> national body.  Also keep in mind that if ILUG-C does
    Sudhakar> not register itself as a formal body, some "rougue" (for
    Sudhakar> lack of a better word) ILUG-C might be registered by
    Sudhakar> someone wanting to make a quick buck / have free PR.

	Is this really possible?