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Re: On LI Fund management

At 02:10 PM 14/09/00, you wrote:
IMO, its far better to use this money to buildup long-term funds... that can be used in raising user-awareness, propaganda/publicity campaigns in a structured manner. Every organisation of every nature requires funds for long term functioning. Sure, we are different in many ways than others, but even we can't do without money for various resources and requirements... whether it is subscription-based, fee-based, voluntary contribution based or sponsorships... the bottom-line is that we need funds. While Guru's ad-hoc fund-raising idea sounds simple and ideal on the face value, IMHO it is not entirely practical.

BTW, I am all for us practising complete caution, but against becoming a bunch of "Doubting Thomas"es. We seem to be drifting on occassions to doubt everyone's motives/intent.... The majority of us are here with honest motives. And since we are sticking to the democratic principles I am sure we can overcome/overrule representative with any other "interests".
I think Prabhu had mentioned something about auditors. I think requiring an annual external audit would keep things open and above-board. As I see it, the only way of avoiding the 'doubts' caused by money is by not allowing them to breed. Either eliminate the money all together or make sure it's handling is fully transparent.

Frankly, I am ambivalent on this and would like to see more discussion.