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Re: A Question.

Arun Sharma proclaimed:
> On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 03:20:50PM +0530, G.Sagar wrote:
> > ILUG-Bom has a core panel of members and we have our own list. I am
> > being asked to forward all LI-Reg mails to that list (abt 10-12 people).
> > Can I do that ?
> Since this has been raised by Biju too, could we have a quick focussed
> discussion on this ? Please don't bring in other issues in this thread
> and keep the scope very narrow.

I have been thinking about this issue too.  The point, as Arun indicated,
in keeping this list private was NOT to exclude the others from seeing what
was going on.  It was to make sure that we were not fighting on two fronts
(li-reg and LIG) on resolving the issue of LI.

> The proposals in chronological order:
> (a) Keep the list private, archives published at the end of discussion

Doable.  Have already promised this on LIG.

> (b) Make the list private, archives published weekly

I was originally thinking of sending out a weekly digest of the li-reg list
to LIG.  But doing that would mean that the first 2 week's worth of posts
to li-reg would not reach LIG.

> (c) Make the list read only, archives public and messages forwardable

I can easily set up the browsable archives of li-reg at

I think option 'a' or 'c' are the easiest to do.  I am leaning towards
'c'.  If I don't hear any major complaints about that path or other doable
suggestions, I will go with it in 24 hours.  OK with everyone?

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