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Re: news server - mailing list comparison

>>>>> "Mani S." == Penguin@AnnaU  <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

  Mani S.> get to ( if that is the right word ) comp.os.linux.announce

        c.o.l.a. is also gatewayed to a mailing list.

  Mani S.> tell me if there is.  is it possible to see the posts on
  Mani S.> the newsgroup from dial up internet acccounts ? i do know
  Mani S.> for a fact that vsnl has a host with name news.vsnl.net.in,

        AFAIK, news.vsnl.net.in (if it still exists) carries very few
groups, is very slow, and suffers mysterious outages. And the only
client available to an admittedly dwindling breed (shell users,
including yours truly) is lynx. Not a particularly pleasant

  Mani S.> and i notice the fundamental thing with news - no mass
  Mani S.> mailing. much easier on the bandwidth and no spam to worry
        c.o.l.a. is moderated. You should see some of the other
groups; simply put, Usenet is spammers' paradise :(. 

  Mani S.> i'll ask the question - why don't we have an aero news
  Mani S.> server instead of running listar ? i think all the

        This has come up before, and I think most of us agreed that
whatever other forum comes up, the mailing list stays. Besides, none
of the other proposals has taken off yet. 

  Mani S.> subscribers have news clients ( tin in linux and
        Lots more. nn, rn, xrn, knews, slrn, pine, Pan, Gnus, the list
is long. 
  Mani S.> urls for more info on news and nntp would be appreciated.

        RFC 977. Also, check out <www.jammed.com/~newzbot>. As an
aside, if you are going to read news from a dial-up Linux box, the
leafnode package may interest you.


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