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Re: news server - mailing list comparison

I had suggested (on the list and in a meeting) of Hypernews - which is
hybrid of HTML and news technologies - with an email interface too. But
unfortunately m\nothing more was done on this, although I was ready to do
it.. I think this option is better - we can try it out on the chennailug
site. Sorry that as I moved to US, I cant be of much help in installing
this now.

Try http://www.hypernews.org


On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Penguin@AnnaU wrote:

<linux>dear chennai luggies
<linux>     my idea of news and related things is primitive. i was using tin on a
<linux>public access unix host ( ductape.net ), which incidentally runs linux.
<linux>i managed to get to ( if that is the right word ) comp.os.linux.announce .
<linux>     is there some newsgroup like our mailing list ? please tell me if
<linux>there is.
<linux>     is it possible to see the posts on the newsgroup from dial up
<linux>internet acccounts ? i do know for a fact that vsnl has a host with name
<linux>news.vsnl.net.in, but beats me if it's a news server. any idea, anybody ?
<linux>     and i notice the fundamental thing with news - no mass mailing. much
<linux>easier on the bandwidth and no spam to worry about. i know somebody has
<linux>already thought about this, but it's one of my rare instances of brilliant
<linux>thinking, so i'll ask the question - why don't we have an aero news server
<linux>instead of running listar ? i think all the subscribers have news clients
<linux>( tin in linux and netscape/outlook for win9x ). somebody please
<linux>    urls for more info on news and nntp would be appreciated.
<linux>thanks and regards
<linux>mani sridhar
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