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Re: 18/12/1999 meeting minutes.


>>>>> "Zameer" == Zameer Ahmed <zameer@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Zameer> I presume that the installation mode was Advanced and in
    Zameer> this stage The Installation Program doesn't check for the
    Zameer> (/) partition has been partitioned or not! This will
    Zameer> coolly proceed to Installing the base system.  The

	Nope.  I chose the middle thing (between Adv and Newbie),
since time was short. And I did partition the HDD with the tools it
provided and told the installer that a particlar new partition
(converted over from windows) was to be used and the older linux
partitions were to be left alone.

    Zameer> installation speed will be very fast (of source) as no
    Zameer> actual writing is done. But When it comes to LILO
	Yes, come to think of it the eLilo part came up very quickly.

So there you have it, a good reason to attend ilugc meetings
regularly.  Tell the folks at the meeting that your fav. distro is at
stake! ;-)

    Zameer> Hacking Easy linux Installation --------------------- You
    Zameer> an check this by Right clicking on the Background when the
    Zameer> installation is ON and then choose New. This will Open a
    Zameer> X-Term. Using this we can ack around the installation of
    Zameer> Easy Linux

	Ofcource I tried that but there wasnt enough time to figure
out everything.

    Zameer> Thus the Solution ----------- The only solution is to
    Zameer> partition the Root Partition and then proceed with the
    Zameer> Installation (These Installations are crazy Toc! Toc!!)

	how? by running fdisk manually??

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