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*** Netiquette to be followed ***

*** This mail goes out to :
 * Linux-India - relevant posting
 * Ilug-C - For the FAQ - I hope it helps maintain ilugc .

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, root wrote:

Tusar> I have already answered to it .. go to the archieve and find out ..
Tusar> I have given step wise instructions already .. and have no
Tusar> intention to do it again...

<snip - one more insanely long mail with 3 LI footers + 1 .signature + one
free email footer + extra irrelevant 40 lines of code - irony is , no help
finally given on this mail , except "check the archi[e]ves" - hmmm>

  People, rise and awake - few things that *badly* need addressing - I
shall take the liberty of doing so , in case you feel what I said is wrong
, go ahead and flame - we shall have a logical,reasoned-out brainstorming
session on why you need to follow a few *basic* courtesies|guidelines :

  1] List Admin [LI] - Is it possible to configure Majordomo to
block/strip emails of the LI footers if the mail comes in already with an
LI footer attached to it ? - *I* think a filter needs to be setup -
General Opinion shall prevail - Also, Could we trim the LI footer itself?
- Do we really need *that* long a footer , especially if 50% of the people
refuse to use basic etiquette and choose to Send in a mail that has 4 new
lines added to an existing 80 lines , 12 or 16 of which comprise of 3 or 4
LI footers , respectively.

  2] Fellow Listers - Consider the following when you make each post to
the list without taking the few extra 5 seconds that it does with *any*
decent editor - there's a win32 port for vim , so windows users stop
whinging and check out http://www.vim.org/ - to snip mails and remove
unneccessary junk ... LI footers - I dont think everyone needs to be given
5 doses of the footer in one email ... Think of "wasted bandwidth" ,
"annoyance caused to fellow listers" , "inconvenience to others" ,
"spoiled reputation|image" and their significance when you make a post to
Linux-India.  In this regard - I urge you to readand make yourself
*completely* familiar with *atleast* what follows , if not the entire file
- http://www.tux.org/lkml/index.html - the FAQ for the Linux-Kernel
Mailing List.

  3] There were *some* efforts by some people toward maintaining an FAQ -
I request whoever started it to trim the following with comments from List
Admin in particular towards this list itself and post it somewhere very
prominently on www.linux-india.org .

  Read the following and Apply it to Linux-India [ any other list for that
matter ] :

********Especially Article 11 of the Section 3 - *VERY* Important********

---------Excerpted from the FAQ of the Linux Kernel Mailing List---------

   Some English expressions for non-native English readers:
     * AFAIK = As Far As I Know
     * AKA = Also Known As
     * ASAP = As Soon As Possible
     * COLA = comp.os.linux.announce (newsgroup)
     * ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
     * FAQ = Frequently Asked Question
     * FUD = Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
     * FWIW = For What It's Worth
     * FYI = For Your Information
     * IIRC = If I Remember Correctly
     * IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
     * IMNSHO = In My Not-So-Humble Opinion
     * IOW = In Other Words
     * LART = Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool (quoting Al Viro:
       "Anything you use to forcibly implant the clue into the place
       where luser's head is")
     * OTOH = On The Other Hand
     * RSN = Real Soon Now
     * RTFM = Read the Fucking Manual (original definition) or Read The
       Fine Manual (if you want to pretend to be polite)
     * TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (contributed
       by David Niemi, quoting Robert Heinlein in his Sci-Fi novel 'The
       Moon is a Harsh Mistress')
     * THX = Thanks (thank you)
     * TIA = Thanks In Advance
     * WIP = Work In Progress
     * WRT = With Respect To


  Section 3 - Mailing list questions

      1. How do I subscribe to the linux-kernel mailing list?

          + (David L. Parsley,RRR) It may be preferable to subscribe
            instead to 'linux-kernel-digest', which combines multiple
            postings into a large (~75k) digest form. In this way you
            will receive from 1 to maybe 3 or 4 mailings per day, instead
            of many hundreds. ;-)
            The main drawback of the digest version is that it is hard to
            reply to individual messages on the digest with standard mail
            clients. So its most useful to those who just wish to stay
            current with kernel development, but not active developers.

      8. What kind of question can I ask on the list?
          + (ADB) The basic rule is to avoid asking questions that have
            been asked before, or that are irrelevant to other list
            users, or that are off topic. Please use your good sense.
          + (REG) Remember that this is a list for the discussion of
            kernel development. If you have some ideas or bug reports to
            contribute, this is the place. User space issues are not
            appropriate for this forum. If you find a bug in the C
            library or some application, it doesn't belong on

      10. Can I be ejected from the list?
          + (ADB) It is technically possible, but I have never heard of
            anybody being ejected from the linux-kernel list.

          + (REW) *But* you will if you post questions or answers that are
            asked and answered on this FAQ. ;-)

      11. Are there any implicit rules on this list that I should be aware
          + (ADB) Here are a few implicit rules which you should be aware
          + Stick to the subject. This is a Linux kernel list, mainly for
          + Use English only!
          + Don't post in HTML format! If you are using IE or Netscape,
            please turn off HTML formatting for your posts to the kernel
          + If you will be asking a question, before you post to the
            list, try to find the answer in the available documentation
            or in the list archives. Just remember that 99% of the
            questions on this list have already been answered at least
            once. Usually the first answer is the most detailed, so the
            archives contain far better information than you will get
            from somebody who has answered the same question a dozen
            times or more.
          + Be precise, clear and concise, whether asking a question or
            making a comment or announcing a bug, posting a patch
            or whatever. Post facts, avoid opinions.
          + Be nice, there is no need to be rude. Avoid expressions that
            may be interpreted as aggressive towards other list
            participants, even if the subject being treated is
            particularly relevant to you and/or controversial.
          + Don't drag on with controversies. Don't try to have the last
            word. You will eventually have the last word, but meanwhile
            you'll have lost all your sympathy credit.
          + Don't flame beginners that ask the wrong questions. This adds
            noise to the list. Send them a private mail pointing them to
            a source of information e.g. this FAQ.

     17. There is a long thread going on about something completely
       offtopic, unrelated to the kernel, and even some people who are in
       the "Who's who" section of this FAQ are mingling in it. What
       should I do to fight this "noise"?
          + (REW, ADB) Ignore it.
          + (REG) Don't send a response to the kernel list under any
            circumstances. If you feel compelled to respond, do so
            privately informing the person that the message was offtopic.
            Or set up a procmail recipe to drop all messages for that
            thread: that way you'll never see the thread again.

-------------End Excerpt From FAQ of Linux-Kernel Mailing List-----------

  Would Like/Appreciate Comments|Feedback .

--- Ravi.

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