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Request #4 for Minutes ? - Mon Dec 6 21:25:31 IST 1999

  In my undaunted efforts in getting someone to post the minutes , can
someone *PLEASE* post the minutes for the meeting concluded eons back ?
I'd like to know how many people met up / what you guys talked about / any
installations ? / any ideas for the next meeting ?
  Also , do we want the next meeting the 3rd or 4th saturday of Dec ?
  I also think all of the IITians are on end sem holidays ... If thats
true and not *one* of you guys can take *5* minutes off to write *one*
email telling the rest of us what you did , ... <shrug> its a shame.
  Please note that I have nothing against IITians ; just that you guys are
relatively "free" as compared to work going older people on the list ... 
  I'm about ready to give up ... I imagine I would give up before request
10 or so ... which is another 6 days - my point is , will you even
remember what you guys did so long back ?
  If someone cares , well post your version of the minutes , however
short/badly written  , it will *still* elicit a thanks from me, if not
from anyone else , as it seems no one else seems to give a damn about what
happens at ilugc meetings... 

- Ravi. 


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