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RE: Seminar on Indian Language Computing by Prof.Rajeev Sangal Gr oup


    I am interested in participating in this seminar.

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> Sent:	Wednesday, December 01, 1999 4:25 PM
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> Subject:	Seminar on Indian Language Computing by Prof.Rajeev Sangal
> Group
> Dear friends,
>   At MIT Campus, (Anna Univ.) we have formed a centre called "The
> AU-KBC Centre for Internet & Telecom Technologies" from the fund given
> by
> our former student Mr.K.B. Chandrasekar who is the co-founder and CEO of
> Exodus Communication Inc., Silicon Valley, USA.  He has given a fund of
> Rs.1 crore for this centre with the primary purpose of  Indianising the
> Internet and develop entrepreneurship quality among students.
>   Currently we are working in the area of "Network Security --
> Cryptography", Tamil Search Engine, Optical Character Recognition etc..,
> We are planning to form a small working group consists of various
> organisation like software developers, students, tamil scholars etc..,
> to
> discuss the various issues related to Indian Language Computing and to
> develop Indian Language tools (especially tamil) for Internet.  Hope our
> some of the ilugc  members will be interested in participating the
> activities of our
> centre atleast through email.
>  Also Coming December 21st (tuesday) we are planning to conduct a
> discussion meeting with Prof. Rajeev Sangal Group on Indian Language
> Computing and particularly with Machine Aided Translation.
>  Prof. Rajeev Sangal and Prof. Vineeth Chaitanya are both from IIT
> Kanpur
> earlier and has been developing a open source code software called
> "Anusaaraka
> System" for translating from one Indian Lang. to Other Indian Language.
> CUrrently they have successfully implemented Telugu to Hindi
> translation.
> They have been working in Natural Language Processing for the last 16
> years.  They are coming to MIT to discuss the possibility of developing
> anusaaraka system for Tamil to other IndianLanguages.  especially tamil
> to
> other dravidian languages. It is purely a voluntary collaborative effort
> with open source code following GNU's General Public License like LINUX.
> Further they agreed to conduct a two day seminar on this, on 22nd and
> 23rd
> Dec. 1999.  IF some of the ilugc members are interested in these, they
> can
> join this seminar. There is no registration fees.
>   Those who are interested to participate in this seminar (key focus is
> given how to build anusaaraka system for tamil to other indian lang.)
> can directly contact to my email address.
> with regards,
> mks
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