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Re: kernel crash log

You need to do some/all of the following -

1. Check /etc/syslog.conf to see where kern.debug messages are being
   redirected. You need to check there. These messages wont be in
2. Check to see if u are calling klogd with some parameters.
   Check this in /etc/rc.d/init.d/syslog...there would we a statement like
     'daemon klogd'
3. You might want to add a -f option to klogd pointing to the System.map
   e.g. daemon klogd -k /usr/src/linux/System.map
   This will resolve those incomprehensible hex addresses in kernel panic
   dumps to function names and offsets in the logs.
4. Another useful option is 'Magic SysReq'. Its an option in
   'Kernel Hacking' in make menuconfig.
   The you could use Alt-SysReq-x where x is described in

That kinda tops of my knowledge about kernel debugging !! 


On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Pankaj Kr Rathore wrote:

> Hi,
> While loading a kernel module, my linux mc crashes.
> But after rebooting, /var/log/messages doesnot contain the crash
> info. Could somebody help here please...
> Pankaj

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