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Re: Notification on file/dir change ?

is a kernel module required for this? A user space
solution could be used instead. Have u see
installwatch? stuff like monitoring open(), write(),
et al stuff can be done by overriding the relevant
functions, and LD_PRELOADING them. The real problem
comes, when you have too many fds to monitor, and the
overhead is just not justified.

I had posted a similiar question on this list when i
was writing my messaging server. the kernel code for
select() and poll() (poll calls the inbuilt select
anywayz...), does unnecessary checking of _all_ fds. i
thought poll avoided this, but kqueues seem to have a
better approach to this. I hope this is incorporated
into Linux too. 

Efsd (of enlightenment DR17 fame), claims to have a
new system for detecting file state changes. I haven't
seen the code yet. Its been ages since I've CVS
updated E. whatever it is, it better be good. :)


--- sreangsu acharyya
<sreangsua@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Arun Sharma wrote:
> > Someone on this list was asking for such
> functionality on Linux.
> >
> I had come across a kernel module for linux, which
> had a means of
> notifying calls to open() and write(). One could
> also configure which
> open() and write() cals to detect. 
>   I seem to have lost the link. Have to search
> google
> -- sreangsu
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