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Re: File transfer

hi Karthika 
first i want to ask purpose of file transfer if u r not particuler 
for using rpc directly ( as a command line option ) 
try NFS to achive the same effect ie. use cp command to copy file from
one system to another 

follow the steps given below 

1 . write the fs u want to access ( on  server ) in /etc/exports on server

2. run rpc.mountd and rpc.nfsd

3. run exportfs < clientmc(better give ip no) >

4. now simply mount the server dir on client m/c 
   on any free mount point 
   mount SERVER:/home/shubh /mnt/floppy  ( here replace SERVER with server
                                           name or ip no )

5 . now do cd /mnt/floppy and use it as local file system  

> 2. I included a mount point for each system in the other system's fstab file. For example, I am at workstation1 (linuxws1) and its fstab has the entry
> linuxws2.kal:/usr  /mnt/linuxws2  nfs  rsize=8192,wsize=8192 0 0
> When I try using the cp command, I get an error "RPC ... error = Connection refused".

btw this error comes when u dont run rpc.nfsd on server side try to do 
the same ( what u r doing ) after trying what i have said hope this  
will also work


i love    /( )\  linux
           ^ ^