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File transfer

I am reposting this mail as I did not get a reply. Perhaps it was overlooked as I had posted this query as a reply to my original query.

Thanks for your replies to my file transfer query. Basically, I want to transfer files between 2 systems *through a program*, which means I do not want to use ftp or Telnet or the rlogin command. That is why I am looking for a system command. I tried the following methods.

1. 	rpc test.c root@xxxxxxxxxxxx:test1.c
It tried various 'ways' (krb5, ...) and finally reported "Connection refused" or "Permission denied". I read the man pages of 'rcp' and learnt that there must exist a file called .k5login (or some such name) which must contain the names of those systems/users permitted to use rcp. Can you please guide me how to specify those, as it still does not work.

2. I included a mount point for each system in the other system's fstab file. For example, I am at workstation1 (linuxws1) and its fstab has the entry

linuxws2.kal:/usr  /mnt/linuxws2  nfs  rsize=8192,wsize=8192 0 0

When I try using the cp command, I get an error "RPC ... error = Connection refused".

Is this also due to authentication failure? What should I do? Why does it occur even though I had logged in as root? Being the root, how can I bypass the authentication mechanism?

Hoping to receive a reply this time,
- Karthika

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