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Re: Re: [LIH] attachment using mail command

there are options in PINE too
check the manual
I am sure about '-attach_and_delete file' option
must be others too

At 4/7/01 6:19:00 PM, you wrote:
>On 07/04/01 13:06 +0530, shubhendu spewed into the LI bitstream:
>> how can i send a attacment file using some command line option 
>> like pine -attach <file-name> but this require to send message by pressing
>> Ctrl-X after giving the command 
> There's a commandline option called (I think) fastmail, which comes with the
> ELM package.  Designed for exactly this purpose. 
> Or you can call mutt from the command line
> mutt -a => attach a file using MIME
> man mutt for more details.
>	-s
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