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Re: images in php4

On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Kapil Jadhav wrote:

 |which comes inbuilt in RedHat 7.I tried one examples from php manuals and
 |I am getting some warnings like image type gif not supported and same for
 |all type of images.As I am new to php I can not solve it.Is any kernel
 |compilation or file configuration required?

No problems whatsoever the error message is perfectly right  "image type
gif not supported" there are LOTS of copyright issues wrt gifs (read
gnu.org for details)

So you can no longer create GIFs using php ... it is recommended that u
use PNG for indexed images and JPEGS for full-color ones)

considering u got a message that gif is not supported I think I can safely
assume that you have gd support compiled in.

What is the other image filetype that you tried to create ??

maybe you could post the line which is causing the error.

BTW images and stuff have NOTHING to do with the kernel!!! ;-)


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