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Re: What's un.h? (About network programming...)

Oh thanks.... I found that by doing a grep in /usr/include.

What I was real wondering is 

1)Why it cribbed for size? Why didn't it said undefined variables? Went thr. 
socket.h and found what jugglary is there for sockaddr derivatives in C. In 
c++ it could have been a class hierarchy...
2)More importantly, why socket.h doesn't include un.h? That sounds silly to 


On Thursday 29 March 2001 12:23, Kondaiah (IE10) wrote:
> The declaration/definition of the struct sockaddr_un(unix) is there in
> sys/un.h, without the the compiler cannot find the size of the sturct what
> we are trying do.. thats why the file required..
> kondaiah