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RE: What's un.h? (About network programming...)

The declaration/definition of the struct sockaddr_un(unix) is there in
sys/un.h, without the the compiler cannot find the size of the sturct what
we are trying do.. thats why the file required..

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> Sent:	Wednesday, March 28, 2001 5:34 AM
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> Subject:	[LIP] What's un.h? (About network programming...)
> Hi all
>  I was fiddling a bit with socket programming, having stevens handy. I
> tried 
> unix domain sockets. But the examples didn't worked.
>  gcc gave an error for 'struct sockaddr_un'  that unknown size etc. 
> I did a grep -r on /usr/include(My fevourite ...:-)) fro 'struct
> sockaddr_un' 
> and included <sys/un.h> and it worked...
>  Any idea why so? I though whatever files listed by man of every system
> call 
> in program should suffice.... What does this file do?
>  Shridhar
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