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Re: Re: Terminal commands

hi Karthika 

what i think so this is a inbult feature of shell , what i have observed
is when u logout from the shell then only the .bash_history file is
updated so u can

      put some commands in yr .profile trapping the appropriate signals 
      that will make a y'r own verson of .bash_history, the signals to be
      traped  is ( i dont remeber exactly refer k-pike) 15 in yr verson 
      of history incorporate as many as functionalities possible


i love    /( )\  linux
           ^ ^ 

On 18 Mar 2001, Karthika  Sivaramakrishnan wrote:

> Hello!
> Thanks for the location of the history file. I want to add more features to it. So, could you please tell where that shell script, responsible for logging the commands typed at the terminal, is available?
> Thnaks a lot.
> - Karthika
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