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Re: Re: Terminal commands

Karthika  Sivaramakrishnan forced the electrons to say:
> Thanks for the location of the history file. I want to add more
> features to it. 

So we have someone who wants to rewrite history here? Good!

> So, could you please tell where that shell script,
> responsible for logging the commands typed at the terminal, is
> available?

It is not a shell script - it is the shell itself.

What do you want to do? If command line editing is your problem, then
read up readline(3) - the library used by bash (and many other programs)
to take input from the user. The library has too many features that it
is hard to find something that you need, but is not implemented. Especially
read about the reverse-i-search and '!' and its modifiers. Also, setting
HISTFILESIZE and HISTSIZE in your environment will help.