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Re: reg jdk

On Sat, Mar 17, 2001 at 07:29:35PM +0530, Linux List  typed:

>  I am using red hat linux 7.0 downloaded from net...
> The default jdk installed with this system is the 
> kaffe java which is quite fast..but it doesnot have
> support for the java swing api..i checked the javac
> and java scripts in /usr/bin it points to kaffe with 
> specific options.i want to know the difference in all 
> this java jvm's.I have also heard of Blackdown's jdk.
> which one is the best jdk for linux.I also want to
> run my swing applications in linux.
> any links/pointers of jdk with swing api for linux r
> most welcome

I believe the kaffe JVM installed as default is Java 1.1.x compliant -
and that's why doesn't support swing by default.

Sun, Blackdown and IBM have released version 1.3 of the JDK. I found the
IBM JVM to be quite a memory hog. Sun and Blackdown are reasonably
better, but performance under Linux is worse than under WinXX. Also
there are quite a few problems with Keyboard mappings, mouse behaviour
and Windows behaviour (which again differ based on which Window Manager
you've installed).

It seems the 1.3.1 beta release from Sun has addresses some of these
issues, but I haven't tried it out.

By the way, from what I've heard,  you need to also apply the numerous
glibc patches that Red Hat has released since the 7.0 release to get the
newer JDKs to work properly under RH7. (Second hand info - I'm still on