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Re: reg jdk

>  I am using red hat linux 7.0 downloaded from net...
> The default jdk installed with this system is the
> kaffe java which is quite fast..but it doesnot have
> support for the java swing api..i checked the javac
> and java scripts in /usr/bin it points to kaffe with
> specific options.i want to know the difference in all
> this java jvm's.I have also heard of Blackdown's jdk.
> which one is the best jdk for linux.I also want to
> run my swing applications in linux.
> any links/pointers of jdk with swing api for linux r
get the ibm jdk 1.3 for linux. it is fast and it is very stable, and is from
IBM!!!! I use it for some production servers, and i hav never had any

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