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Re: Good utility for CVS

Thanks a lot. I can access the outside world via ssh from behind the
firewall, so probably there's no problem. The main repository is behind
the FW. Also I'll be setting up a FW at the other end. So probably there
will have to be some fancy port redirection involved, as well as some
expect script to handle passwords (have to have passwords).


On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Binand Raj S. wrote:

> If you can access the outside world from behind the firewall using ssh, then
> no need. In fact, sysadmins should allow people access to Internet via ssh
> (IMO) - try to convince the sysad giving people ssh access is a good idea.
> I have been syncing directories for quite some time this way (not CVS
> repositories, though).
> The port 2401 reference was to the CVS pserver port, as a commit while rsync
> is working might corrupt the repository.
> You also need to be able to log into the outside server without a password
> using ssh, if you intend to do this from cron.