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Re: Good utility for CVS

Indraneel Majumdar forced the electrons to say:
> Thanks. Also one side has a firewall so I have to talk with the sysadmin
> to open port 22, or is there any other method?

If you can access the outside world from behind the firewall using ssh, then
no need. In fact, sysadmins should allow people access to Internet via ssh
(IMO) - try to convince the sysad giving people ssh access is a good idea.
I have been syncing directories for quite some time this way (not CVS
repositories, though).

The port 2401 reference was to the CVS pserver port, as a commit while rsync
is working might corrupt the repository.

You also need to be able to log into the outside server without a password
using ssh, if you intend to do this from cron.