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Re: X Event Capturing

Hello! I have attached the event capturer function. As I mentioned already, it works fine, without (XNextEvent) obstructing any application.

My problem is when I move the mouse pointer from the text area of a window (like kwrite) to the top of an icon (like "save" or "open") in that window, I get a "Focusout" event for kwrite, but no event to suggest the destination icon. How do I decode the destination? 

Similarly, when I press any shortcut key (like Ctrl S to save), or any key for that matter (when within an editor), nothing gets recorded.
Waiting for a reply,
- Karthika

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This function will be called for every window (w), passing a pointer to a data structure
that stores information about w & its related events.

evmon (Window w,struct winev **root)
    	int i;
    	XSetWindowAttributes attr;
    	XWindowAttributes wattr;
    	unsigned long mask = 0L;
    	int done, qlength;
	XEvent event;

      	/* select for all events */
    	attr.event_mask = KeyPressMask | KeyReleaseMask | ButtonPressMask |
			   ButtonReleaseMask | EnterWindowMask |
			   LeaveWindowMask | PointerMotionMask | 
			   Button1MotionMask |
			   Button2MotionMask | Button3MotionMask |
			   Button4MotionMask | Button5MotionMask |
			   ButtonMotionMask | KeymapStateMask |
			   ExposureMask | VisibilityChangeMask | 
			   StructureNotifyMask | /* ResizeRedirectMask | */
			   SubstructureNotifyMask | SubstructureRedirectMask |
			   FocusChangeMask | PropertyChangeMask |
			   ColormapChangeMask | OwnerGrabButtonMask;

    	if (w) 
		XGetWindowAttributes(dpy, w, &wattr);
		if (wattr.all_event_masks & ButtonPressMask)
	    		attr.event_mask &= ~ButtonPressMask;
		attr.event_mask &= ~SubstructureRedirectMask;
		XSelectInput(dpy, w, attr.event_mask);
	for (done = 0;done<1;done++)
		/* tried for various final values of done */
		node1=(struct winev *)malloc(sizeof(struct winev));
		if (node1 == NULL)
		  perror("File singlea.c; function evmon:");	

                qlength = QLength(dpy);
                if (qlength == 0)
                printf("queue length = 0\n");
                /* If no event has occurred, quit for loop, as 		   XNextevent *blocks*
                   until an event occurs. */
		XNextEvent (dpy, &event);  /* Should it be XPeekEvent ? */
                switch (event.type)
	  		case KeyPress:
		} /* end of switch-case */
   	}  /* end of for loop */
} /* end of function */