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Re: Help invited on Network programming

> Can any of you kindly throw in a pointer to how do i begin to write a
dial-up server. My problem is simple. I want to connect to my friend's
machine in the same city, exactly in the way I connect to the ISP. But don't
want to go thru the ISP. Hence this question is here. Any extra
complications in Linux versus Windoze ?

both are equally simple/difficult... though personally i wud recommend u to
use linux... also i guess programs are available for both platforms by
default, so i don't know why you wud like to

> One more thing. Can any of you please let me know where can I find the
references for protocol/ports regarding the popular messenger protocols like
Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Rediff etc. ?

search freshmeat for libraries that implement these protocols... or better
yet chk out everybuddy.. they hav it implemented for yahoo,msn,aol and icq!!

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