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Re: Help invited on Network programming

So you want to setup a dial up server. It's easy. Install mgetty package and 
use Jiju's script.

I forgot the url. But search in archives for Jiju Thomas mathew. The url is 
in the signature.

As far as extra complication against windoze is concerned, yes it's far more 
complicated on windoZZZe. It does not work if GUI does not work... :-((



On Thursday 01 February 2001 16:36, you wrote:
> Can any of you kindly throw in a pointer to how do i begin to write a
> dial-up server. My problem is simple. I want to connect to my friend's
> machine in the same city, exactly in the way I connect to the ISP. But
> don't want to go thru the ISP. Hence this question is here. Any extra
> complications in Linux versus Windoze ?