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Re: writing a MP3 player

Hey  Rana,
Are U really want to do something  ..  ??   ..

Rana wrote:

> Hi all,
> I wish to write a MP3 Player as part of my academic project,

Great wishes ...   los of MP3 players are available ... you can have glimps of their source code.

> which will graphical interface. Can some body tell me how should I start by giving me details of books and links, and I'd also like to know which language I should use.

Better you visit this site: http://osalp.sourceforge.net/

It is an Open Source Audio Library Project. This is a project designed to implement a world class set of classes in C++ that will handle all of the audio functions one would like. It is designed to be multi-platform with UNIX based platforms as the base

> My knowledge of Linux is limited and know only c/c++, but I'll learn what ever required.

Req Knowledge .............. !!

MP3 using Blade encoder and MP3 using Lame encoder
....................  ^^^^^^^^^^^^ .........                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ...
and for front end; use QT [I prefer; ..] or GTK to build interface like M$ Media Player.


> Bye
> Rana

If you are really going to start this preoject You have to have a minimum sound Card in your development m/c ...   :-0   ........