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Re: writing a MP3 player


 You can start with any open source MP3 player. Freeamp/KMP3/XMMS. I would 
advice you to use kmp3. It's has smallest code I have come acroos. So it will 
be less of work for you. Plus GUI etc. is damn good...


On Friday 02 February 2001 11:20, you wrote:
> wrote:
> | I wish to write a MP3 Player as part of my academic project, which
> | will graphical interface. Can some body tell me how should I start
> | by giving me details of books and links, and I'd also like to know
> | which language I should use. My knowledge of Linux is limited and
> | know only c/c++, but I'll learn what ever required.
> C would do.
> http://www.wotsit.org/
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