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--- Ashish Bansal <i_love_linux@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 1. Please tell me where i can find information
> regarding COM on Linux for
> development purposes.
> 2. Any refrence material available on COM on Linux
> on net or in market

I'm not aware of any "COM for Linux", but in the
course of Crystal Space's
(http://crystal.linuxgames.com) development, since it
was a necessity to be cross-plat, and since the engine
is built with C++, the author required a cross-plat.
COM replacement. a limited version of COM was written,
but is now superseed by SCF (Shared Class Facility).
This offers better component models, like exporting
classes from libraries (the only one which is
available now), or even over CORBA. The framework is
all in there. You can have a look, if you're
interested, and hack it to you're liking.


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