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RE: installation help

I tried installing caldera. But it shows only the primary partition.
Actually I have formatted the partitions initially. Then I tried to make a
single partition using fdisk from win98 startup disk so that I can install
linux. It is very adamant and never allows me to delete extended partitions.

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It seems that you want to erase windows and install linux. This is much
than you have done so far

Forget windows. Straight ahead boot from linux installable. In due course of
installation you will be presented with disk druid etc., basically a
tool. You can kickoff all the adamant windows partitions from there, and
install linux as and where you want.

However you should not delete c: if you want to keep your windows
intact. Also for the trouble you are facing, have you installed windows on
Check that. Then you may face trouble after you remove that..



Sreeramkr wrote:

> I dont know whether this is the correct place to ask. Please do respond
>         I have microsoft Win98 on my machine. I want to install linux on
> that. I have c,d and e partitoins which I formatted. I ran fdisk to remove
> the partitions so that I can install linux on a single partition. When I
> tried to delete c drive partition. it said extended dos partitions exist
> cant delete. Then I tried to delete d drive which is extended dos
> It said logical drives exist. I tried again to delete the logical drives.
> deleted d(logical) and e(logical). But when I tried to delete d(extended
> dos) it said logical drives still exist. When I saw the e still exists. I
> tried to delete the e, it deleted but still when I come back and see the
> drive exists. I need help to overcome this. I want to delete the
> and have a single one. Please reply to my mail id too. I ran fdisk from
> WIN98 startup disk.

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