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installation help

I dont know whether this is the correct place to ask. Please do respond

	I have microsoft Win98 on my machine. I want to install linux on
that. I have c,d and e partitoins which I formatted. I ran fdisk to remove
the partitions so that I can install linux on a single partition. When I
tried to delete c drive partition. it said extended dos partitions exist so
cant delete. Then I tried to delete d drive which is extended dos partition.
It said logical drives exist. I tried again to delete the logical drives. It
deleted d(logical) and e(logical). But when I tried to delete d(extended
dos) it said logical drives still exist. When I saw the e still exists. I
tried to delete the e, it deleted but still when I come back and see the
drive exists. I need help to overcome this. I want to delete the partitions
and have a single one. Please reply to my mail id too. I ran fdisk from
WIN98 startup disk.