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Re: how to look for com port?

Adding to the question....

opening the file say /dev/ttyS0... and simply writing bytes onto it... will it
result in a serial output of the stream... which can be seen in say a serial
terminal attached to that com port.

- Vikram

ambarish pathak <ambarish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 01/05/2001 04:00:02 PM

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Subject:  Re: [LIP] how to look for com port?

what abt /dev/cua? ??

Shridhar Daithankar wrote:
> The files are
> /dev/ttyS0        Com0
> /dev/ttyS1        Com1
> Sreeramkr wrote:
> > Want to write something on com port. I want to know which file in
> > /dev represent com1?

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